Projects: Schools and Campuses

Westchester Community College
Valhalla, New York

RGR developed a plan for Westchester Community College to clarify and enhance the campus-wide circulation system of access roads, service drives, and walkways. The plan also addressed a secondary goal of ameliorating specific site issues, such as additional parking, pedestrian and vehicular conflicts, orientation, and drainage and erosion problems.

To unify the circulation system and create a sense of identity, RGR developed a "main campus walk" concept that would serve as a central spine around which the campus circulation could be organized. A secondary network of paths and walkways was then developed to connect the main walkway with building entries, parking areas, and other points of origin and destination. In addition, RGR designed a series of plazas and outdoor gathering areas at key circulation nodes and intersections along the main walkway, providing points of orientation along the campus walk.

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