Projects: Senior Housing and Healthcare Facilities

Roosevelt Hospital
New York, New York

RGR worked for Roosevelt Hospital to design the restoration of the main front entry garden of their building on Tenth Avenue in Manhattan. The new garden will serve as an elegant entry court for the hospital, as well as an attractive healing environment for patients and visitors. The design of the new garden emphasizes color, texture, and fragrance to maximize the sensory experience for visitors. Surrounded by an imposing fence and occupying a sloping site, the present garden is unattractive, uninviting, and uninteresting. The new design raises the grade elevation to provide a level site for the garden; create a less obtrusive perimeter enclosure with a low brick wall and a decorative steel picket fence; and provide a more open, colorful, and welcoming landscape. RGR developed an illustrative plan of the proposed garden scheme and several illustrative sketches to assist the hospital in their fundraising effort for the garden and lobby restoration.

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