Projects: Single Family Residences

Private Residence Landscape Restoration
Washington, Connecticut

RGR prepared a landscape restoration plan for a 30-acre residential property in northwestern Connecticut. Having been neglected for many years, the land suffered from overgrown ornamental landscapes, meadows, and wooded slopes. Sedimentation of an existing pond also created a cattail swamp, while existing stonewalls, terraces, steps, and fences were in serious disrepair.

The initial phase involved reclaiming the ornamental gardens nearest the residence. Special features included new stone steps and walkways, lawns, perennial gardens, masses of shrubs, and flowering trees. The plan also included a new swimming pool, bluestone terrace, and adjacent stonewalls, as well as daylilies, ferns, and low shrubs to provide low maintenance color, prevent erosion of the adjacent slopes, and serve as a transition between the more formal landscape to the meadows and woodlands beyond.

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