Projects: Trails and Greenways

Randall's Island: Bike/Pedestrian Trail
New York, New York

The New York City Economic Development Corporation selected RGR to conduct a planning study of access alternatives from the adjacent boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens to Randall's and Wards Island Parks. The planning effort identified the most attractive and practical options for providing bike and pedestrian access from nearby New York City neighborhoods to the vast recreational resources of these island park lands.

n addition, the RGR team developed a plan for a four-mile bike/pedestrian loop around the island, which includes two discrete paths within a single right-of-way to provide safe and pleasant use for pedestrian walkers and joggers separated from bikers and skaters. The path system also includes rest stops and seating areas at prominent viewing points. RGR completed construction documents for the first one-mile segment of the path system, which opened to the public in the summer of 2006.
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