Projects: Single Family Residences

Private Residence Landscape Design
Larchmont, New York

RGR restored the grounds and enhanced a waterfront property in Larchmont, New York. The 1.6-acre site is bordered on two sides by the Long Island Sound and on a third side by Frederick Law Olmsted's Manor Park. Over the years, the landscape of this residential site had suffered from erosion along the extensive seawall and a lack of proper care.

The project included a new, 1,200 sf bluestone patio, fieldstone walls, steps, and walkways. The landscape plan featured perennial plantings, ornamental shrubs, and trees to meet a variety of needs at various points around the property. In addition, RGR installed new native plantings of seashore shrubs and grasses along the existing seawall to stabilize the adjacent soils and prevent erosion from storms and high tides.

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