Projects: Residential and Commercial Developments

North An Khanh New City Residential Development
Hanoi, Vietnam

RGR developed the overall landscape concept plan and schematic design for the 100 hectare second phase of the North An Khanh residential development in Hanoi, Vietnam. The overall open space objectives for the project were to provide: 1) a unified conceptual approach to the open space system; 2) continuity and flow of the landscape through all open space elements; 3) integration of pedestrian walkways and water elements to create outdoor spaces for various activities; and 4) comparable and easily accessible open spaces for all residential neighborhoods.

The landscape design includes a 24 hectare central park that will be the primary open space for this new residential community. The central park was conceived as an “Ecology Park” and features a large central lake with adjacent ancillary ponds. The design also includes a series of linked residential courtyards, each of which was designed to serve as the primary community open space for a villa or terrace house neighborhood. The open space plan emphasizes the use of numerous sustainable site design initiatives such as vegetated swales and bio-filtration wetlands.

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