Projects: Recreation and Play Areas

Marie Curie Playground
Queens, New York

The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation selected RGR to redesign a tot playground at Marie Curie (J.H.S. 158) Playground, located in the Bayside Section of Queens. The project represents the first phase of improvements to provide the community with new recreation facilities at Marie Curie Park, including play equipment, swings, spray showers, benches, and adult exercise equipment.

Given the park's namesake, the theme of science served as the basis for the playground's redesign. Two spray showers appear as atoms, each containing a large spray head in the center as the nucleus and three smaller spray heads as electrons in orbit. The image of the atom repeats in custom panels on the play equipment and in a weather vane at the peak of the comfort station.

Standard painted games were modified to include opportunities for scientific learning. Symbols of the first eight elements of the Periodic Table replace the numbers in "Hopscotch" and the squares of "Boxball" contain diagrams of chemical compounds. As an inspiration for future scientists, a granite plaque in the playground commemorates the achievements of this Nobel Prize winner.
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