Projects: Parks and Plazas

Jinan Baishi Yu Central Parks
Jinan, China

RGR worked with BFJ Planning and Perkins Eastman to develop a master plan for a new residential community in Jinan, China. The new community includes a downtown commercial core with a diverse mix of retail and office space, a government center, and housing for 75,000 residents. As part of the master plan, RGR developed the open space concept, including a variety of active and passive public recreation areas, from neighborhood plazas and playgrounds to community-wide parks. The open space system is organized around two linear parks that form the central core of the Baishi Yu master plan.

RGR developed detailed designs for the two main parks. The Shun Geng Road Green Park, which adorns the main entry corridor to the new community, is characterized by a series of paved plazas, formal gardens, and water features. The Luneng Lungxiu Linear Park, oriented perpendicular to Shun Geng Road, features an outdoor amphitheater, botanical garden, nature study area, children's environmental play area, and an active recreation center, as well as a combined bike path and pedestrian trail system.

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