Projects: Cultural and Religious Institutions

Hempstead Plains Interpretive Center
Garden City, New York

The Nassau County Department of Public Works together with the Friends of Hempstead Plains at Nassau Community College selected RGR Landscape to assist with design and construction documents for the Hempstead Plains Interpretive Center. The 19-acre project site is a remnant of a true prairie ecosystem, and is home to several rare and endangered species of plants and animals. The focus of both the site and building designs is on sustainable practices and green technology.

The building utilizes used cargo containers as the basic enclosure and structural system. They are combined and modified to create an environmentally friendly visitor center and multi-purpose classroom. The structure incorporates passive solar techniques for cooling, a green roof with prairie grasses for insulation and to handle surface water from the new development, and photovoltaic panels for harvesting solar energy which will be converted to electricity. Building development occurs in locations of prior site disturbance and the parking for the facility is outside the prairie boundary and built in conjunction with rain gardens to process surface runoff.

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