Projects: Parks and Plazas

Foley Square Public Park and Plaza
New York, New York

The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (NYC DPR) selected RGR to lead a large and diverse consultant team in the preliminary design and preparation of construction documents for the $15M Reconstruction of Foley Square, in the heart of Manhattan's Civic Center District. In announcing the selection of RGR to lead the design effort, then mayor David Dinkins said, "The redesign of Foley Square is expected to be one of the most challenging new urban design projects undertaken by the City recently, and will involve the cooperation of many city agencies.we will now be able to realize its full potential as a grand civic space . . . a space that will befit the dignified architecture of our courts and the other public buildings in the civic center."

To create the "sense of place" that had been missing, the design approach for the seven-acre site emphasizes centrality, simplicity, and clarity. The street network has been reorganized and the disparate open space elements consolidated to provide a large central plaza suitable for public gathering, multi-directional pedestrian movement, and passive recreation. The focal point is a 45-ft tall black granite sculpture, based on African themes, and a 50-ft diameter fountain resting on a raised podium with circular granite steps.

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